90 Minutes of Innovation

An initiative designed to showcase new, technological trends for our employees through encounters centered around innovation

Expontential organizations

May 22, 2017. Barcelona
We are talking about exponential organizations that are accelerating company growth through technology.
Francisco Palao
Exponential organization expert
The triumph of exponential organizations

Artificial intelligence applied to the client attention

December 12th, 2016. Sevilla
We discover how the artificial intelligence is transforming the clients attention. A flourishing technology that will change the future relationships with the client.
Event highlights
Jose Luis Calvo Salanova
Expert in Artificial Intelligence
What do we expect in the next 30 years!
Ángel Barbero
Business Development at Tecnilógica
Chatbots are coming!

The Distributed Economy: The Power of Blockchains

July 7th, 2016, Madrid
We discussed Blockchain, the technology behind BitCoin, and the opportunities it presents for energy companies.
Pablo Fernández Burgueño
Partner and co-founder, Abanlex and New Trace
The legal implications of Blockchain technologies
Alberto Gómez Toribio
Founder, Coinffeine
Business models for the energy sector based on Blockchain technology

The Collaborative Economy

February 1st, 2016, Barcelona
During this encounter, we analyzed the collaborative economy in detail, a rising phenomenon which is changing business models and the behaviors displayed by our customers.
Event highlights
Pedro Moneo
CEO and founder, Opinno
10 ideas from the collaborative economy
Yuri Fernández
Communications Lead - Spain & Portugal, Uber
Uber´s business system

90 Minutes of Innovation

October 23rd, 2015, Madrid
Our first encounter tackled the opportunities and challenges posed by innovation at Endesa and in the Enel Group.
Marcos Alves
Co-founder, ElTenedor
Innovation at eltenedor.es
Borja Baturone
Managing Director of Innovation and R&D, Altran
Innovación in complicated environments