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A common challenge: to make the smartest possible use of energy
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The challenge

We want to work with entrepreneurs and startups because of your capacity for disruptive innovation, the way you leverage technology, your know-how and, above all, for your agility in designing and marketing products quickly.

For this reason, we want to accompany you on your adventure and provide the necessary support to be successful.

We are looking for disruptive solutions for products and value-add services, new business models, improving the way we interact with our customers and our own, internal business processes.

We are interested in projects related with the following:

  • Distributed Generation
  • PV Self-Consumption
  • Small Scale Renewables
  • Small Scale Energy Storage
  • Electric Mobility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Home automation
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Customer Relations
  • Big Data

What are we offering?

We are offering a customized, collaborative model depending on the stage and reach of the project, it´s strategic fit with our business, potential value add and, of course, your interest and those of Endesa.

Are you ready? We are.
If you are an entrepreneur, we want to meet you.