Endesa Hackateen

Your imagination is the limit

What's a Hackateen?

The first Endesa Hackateen united 48 children between the ages of 10 and 14 in a unique competition focused on the world of robotics. In a full-day event, they were given access to new technological trends and participated in interactive workshops on programming and 3D printing.

The Challenge

The Endesa Hackateen challenged the children of Endesa employees to design the robot of the future aimed at helping our planet. The 48 participants were divided into eight groups which competed to win the competition through the presentation of their final proposals. Just three were selected as the most creative and original ideas.


Red Team High-Tech A domestic robot designed to protect our homes through a facial recognition system that alerts its owners to the presence of intruders. It works with rechargeable, solar batteries with an 18 hour life-cycle.
  • Álvaro
  • Aitana
  • Olivia
  • Pablo A.
  • Raquel
Black Team Enelesio A robot built from recycled materials that collects trash which can be reused. It charges up through solar panels and is capable of communicating in five different languages.
  • Leire
  • Jorge
  • Belén
  • Álvaro de la C.
  • Guillermo
Orange Team Bobú A solar-powered, personal robot to care for the elderly, that helps its owners to administer medications prescribed by their physicians and includes an emergency response button that can call for an ambulance or police.
  • Candela
  • Sofía
  • Oliver
  • Mónica M.
  • Inés G.
  • Paula
Sky Blue Team
  • José María
  • Blanca
  • Daniel
  • Mª Luisa
  • Pedro
  • Daniela
Navy Blue Team
  • Olga
  • Mónica G
  • Alberto
  • Vega
  • Amalia
  • Nuria
Green Team
  • Mónica
  • Héctor
  • Carlos
  • Luz
  • Marina
  • Clara
White Team
  • Ignacio
  • Bruno
  • Luis
  • Ferrán
  • Hugo
  • Isabel
Pink Team
  • Óscar
  • Silvia
  • Lucía
  • Pablo M.
  • Noelia
  • Elías

Los talleres

3D Printing

The participants experimented with the end-to-end 3D printing process: from the creative design phase through to the printing of their own, personalized keychains.

Programming and Robotics

The kids learned to program a robot with Scratch, a programming language developed by MIT.

Arduino 101

The participants received Arduino 101 training to learn about all of the applications of this microcontroller board in the worlds of robotics and video games.