Endesa Hackathon

The event

The Endesa Hackathon gathered 40 developers, programmers and designers in Madrid to define mobile solutions to change the future of energy. This two day event included the participation of experts like Enrique Dans or Alberty Levy, who spoke about Design Thinking, Open Innovation and Gammification, amongst others.


The Endesa Hackathon was celebrated on November 27th and 28th at the College of Architects in Madrid. The 40 participants were divided into working groups of 10 tasked with the mission of generating an innovative solution that would optimize energy consumption in Spain. To finalize the two day event, during which the participants applied the Design Thinking methodology to their projects, the teams presented their ideas and the jury panel selected the three winning proposals that received cash prizes of 6,000€, 3,000€ and 1,000€ respectively.


Thermoman 360º An application that locates inefficiencies and energy loss within the home through the use of a thermographic sensor that detects differences in temperature
  • Fernando Álvarez
  • Diego Lasaosa
  • Andrea Jiménez
  • Nuño Valencia
Sungarden A platform which integrates renewable energy generation produced by homeowners with the energy demand of end users
  • Ernesto Bethencourt
  • Francisco José Diego
  • Ainhoa Garmendia
  • David Menéndez
ENDESA Makes Better An application to educate children and raise awareness of energy conservation through challenges and games
  • David Martín
  • Ángel Mora
  • Andrea Artero
  • Carlo Penzo
Spiderman Team: 'Ecosaver'

Francisco Muñoz

Tran Nguyen

Vanessa Martini

Jesús Román Ortega

Iron Spider Tem: 'Light Wallet'

José Ignacio Rubio

Rahul Mehra

Iker Babace

Elisa González

Falcon Team: 'Mushome'

Fernando Cruz Ruiz

Javier Abascal

Santiago Jiménez

Alejandro Campiña

Ant Man: 'To do'

Miguel Lagares

Manuel Sánchez

Andrés Rigo

Raúl Redondo

Batman Team: 'COMODO'

Andrés Toledo

Miguel Guerrero

Alejandro Serrano

Marcos Simón

Captain America Team: 'Endesa Family Time'

David Sánchez

Daan Bohnen

Eva Giménez

Manuel Paz

Vision Team: 'Desafío Social Endesa'

David Herrero

Carlos L. Guardiola

Carmen Ibáñez

Mario Vega


Juan Garrigosa

Head of Innovation at Endesa

Sandra Alfonso

Head of Digital Market Transformation at Endesa

Jorge Sánchez-Mayoral

Digital Channel Director & Customer Experience at Endesa

Enrique Dans

Professor at IE Business School

Antonio Fontanini

Cex Advisor and Chief Optimistic Officer at Opinno

Alberto Levy

Innovation Evangelist

Javier Noguerol

Senior researcher at Future Doers

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