Team A

Eight young talents looking for innovative ideas to build the future of Endesa
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About us

Team A is an Endesa intitiative that seeks to resolve problems within the energy sector in collaboration with young innovators and entrepreneurs from the Millenial generation and Generation Z.

These innovators wish to work with prominent entities on developing solutions for important challenges, offering their unique vision and experimenting with their own ideas. As part of Endesa´s community, they will have the opportunity to participate in creative workshops along with other talented young people, and to define new strategies and see them applied to the real world.

The first Endesa Team A has been selected. Stay tuned because their top projects will be announced on February 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

The Challenges

The Challenge of Today

To design new technologies which digitalize services for Endesa´s customers to generate business value.

The Challenge of the Future

To generate disruptive, digital services which address the problems of our time.


Arthur Gopak

Founder of Alpha Gamma and Essent Business Case Challenge 2013 winner

Marieta Caballero

Co-founder of Cocinema Inc. and the Spanish representative of the Young European Film Forum

Jonny Cohen

Member of Forbes´ '30 under 30' list. Invented Greenshield, a spoiler that improves the aerodynamics of school buses

Param Jaggi

Member of Forbes´ '30 under 30' list and the founder of Ecoviate

Rahul Puniani

A specialist in 3D printing technology, selected to represent India in the World Business Dialogue

Eric Beydoun

Founder of Wyve Stream Inc. and Conversitting

Alejandro Carderera

An engineering physics student at the University of Cornell. Alejandro has participated in numerous projects as a researcher

Sofya Abramchuk

Co-founder of imPACKt farm and a TEDxYouth Speaker



Nov 16-18, 2015

The participants enjoy briefings and cultural activities in Madrid

Idea Generation

Nov 19 – Dec 5, 2015

The candidates are divided into two groups, one per challenge. Each group must develop 10 ideas to resolve the assigned challenge. Five proposals per team will be selected to advance

The 'How' Phase

Dec 14, 2015
- Jan 20, 2016

A viability study of the proposals designates two ideas per team as finalists

'Plug & Play'

Jan 25 – Feb 20, 2016

Each team of participants investigates the most efficient way to roll out both of their two projects selected as finalists in order to best tackle the current challenges of the energy sector

Final Presentations

Feb 22, 23 and 24, 2016

Each group´s final conclusions will be presented to the jury